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Marble Coffee Table Round Up

09 | 26 | 2014 | Friday
I’ve been pretty obsessed with marble coffee tables lately. Since I’m on the hunt for the perfect coffee table, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to go marble! 
I absolutely love the idea of marble and gold (that combo is just perfect to me in so many ways). I wasn’t able to find anything in my price range that fit the odd living room arrangement we have going on. I know my husband is a lover of walnut wood, so I thought I’d appease him a little. I went with the very bottom option from West Elm! I can’t wait to see it in the living room with my super awesome new couch


1: Sean Woolsey 2: Kathy Kuo Home 3: Worlds Away 4: West Elm 5: West Elm 6: West Elm

Patio Inspiration

08 | 28 | 2014 | Thursday
Sprucing up the patio at the end of the summer proves an interesting challenge! Patio furniture is all sold out! YIKES. After striking out big time at Ikea, West Elm, and the like is giving me a little less hope. I’ve been in the inspiration stage for the past couple of weeks and I’ve come up with a concept I’m really loving right now. Comfy couches and a lounge type setting is where I’m headed with my patio. And of course lots and lots of bistro lighting!






Lighting the Bedroom with OneFortyThree

06 | 27 | 2014 | Friday
I found and instantly fell in love with OneFortyThree about a year ago. I’ve been stalking their collections and watching them introduce many wonderful products and grow like crazy! When I was looking for a solution to the lighting issue in my bedroom, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase some beautiful lamps from them.
The issue: Our bedroom is rather small. We have two end tables that also act as dressers. Since they aren’t very large, I don’t want a lamp taking up what very small amount of surface space we do have. These wall hanging lamps were quite a perfect solution, don’t you think?